How Local Businesses Serve Their Communities

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Running a local Business

Running a local business brings more to the community than initially meets the eye. They are the engine that serves and benefits the community on multiple levels.

Firstly, local businesses bring diversity and uniqueness to local communities, giving them a distinctiveness and sense of identity that is often missing in large towns and cities. Take time to walk around your local neighbourhood and you’ll discover a plethora of businesses, from the Yoga and Meditation centre, local coffee shop, gift shop, beauty salon and butchers to antiques stores and local printers. It is a huge plus for anyone wishing to escape the soullessness of mega shopping malls and retail parks.

If you consider who runs local businesses, you’ll realise that it is local people. In fact, local economies depend on local businesses to be job creators, which is a huge plus for those seeking local jobs, as it can cut down on travel time and expense. Plus, the local employees also end up spending money locally for their lunch and coffee breaks, consequently feeding local businesses.

You can also see the personal relationship that develops between local businesses and their community: a relationship that might start out as a co-dependent one but becomes one of trust and shared community values. Consequently, local businesses are invested in taking care of their customers because they do not see themselves as separate to the community but very much part of it. So, it isn’t surprising when they greet their customers by name. When was the last time this happened to you in a large chain-store?

Consequently, it’s not surprising that their level of involvement within the local community is high: from supporting local community projects, charities to sponsoring the local football team or voluntary organisations. If you’re looking for donations for a charitable raffle, then you needn’t look any further than your local business, which are oftenhappy to get stuck in.

And, other global issues also play a part too. With environmental concerns being high on the agenda, the rise of the conscious consumer is growing. According to The Ethical ConsumerMarkets Report 2017, the rise of conscious consumerism rose by 3.2% with a rise in shopping locally. The desire for locally sourced products is in demand, not only for their uniqueness, but also for the healthy impact they have on your carbon footprint. It is clear that people are stepping up to take responsibility for the state of the environment and the state of their communities.

With so much to be gained from local businesses, communities have everything to gain. Getting active by investing in your local business, will benefit you in so many different ways. Hence why Zapp Activeis the App that meets the needs of your community and your local businesses.

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